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Five Oaks

A Salem Avenue corridor neighborhood

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57 / 100

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52 / 100

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TB / 100

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1,368 sq. ft.

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5,066 sq. ft.

Home with a fiery autumn tree, Dayton OH
Apartment building in Five Oaks, Dayton OH
House with front porch in Five Oaks, Dayton OH

The Five Oaks Neighborhood is located on the northwest side of Dayton within walking distance of downtown Dayton, The Great Miami River, The Stillwater River, Wolf Creek, Island Park, The Masonic Temple and The Dayton Art Institute.

Located within the neighborhood is DECA Prep Elementary School, Five Oaks Park, and Grandview Medical Center. There are several community gardens and one pocket park.

Our neighbors represent a diverse array of ethnicities, ages, and incomes. Our housing stock is varied by style and size, forming a beautiful architectural streetscape.

There are three historic districts within the neighborhood.

Five Oaks has a robust community engagement strategy by holding regular neighborhood association meetings, community picnics, block parties and garden tours. Participation in our beautification efforts draws residents from adjacent neighborhoods and University of Dayton students who assist our residents with targeted efforts to maintain a safe and healthy neighborhood.

The Five Oaks Neighborhood is recognized as a national model for its system of gates and road closures developed through a program within the Department of Housing and Urban Development to mitigate crime and improve safety in the neighborhood.

Quick Stats

Five Oaks

Zip Code(s) 45405, 45406

Neighborhood(s) Five Oaks

Historic District(s) Grafton-Rockwood-Wroe, Squirrel-Forest, Kenilworth

Housing Units/Acre 6

Known For Plentiful housing opportunities

Homes in Five Oaks, Dayton OH
A stately home in Five Oaks, Dayton OH
Couple relaxing on their front porch, Dayton OH

Five Oaks Neighborhood Improvement Association
Contact: Bill Marvin
(937) 469-9254

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