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Germantown Meadows

A Germantown Pike corridor neighborhood

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19 / 100

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35 / 100

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TB / 100

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Average House Size

1,357 sq. ft.

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Average Lot Size

7,405 sq. ft.

Sign for Possum Creek Park, Dayton OH

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Considered the most geographically diverse neighborhood in Dayton, Germantown Meadows is a large neighborhood sitting in the southwest corner of the city.

Assets include Possum Creek MetroPark, where there is an active farm with plenty of community gardening and cooking programs for neighbors. It also includes the Jean V. Woodhull Prairie, home to many rare birds and butterflies, and Argonne Lake where you can find folks fishing free-of-charge.

Homes include ranches and farmhouses and with plenty of lot space for families.

Quick Stats

Germantown Meadows

Zip Code(s) 45418

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