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A North Main/Riverdale corridor neighborhood

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63 / 100

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89 / 100

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TB / 100

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1,425 sq. ft.

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3,485 sq. ft.

House in McPherson, Dayton OH
McPherson Town historical plaque
House in McPherson, Dayton OH

McPherson Town Historic Society
Contact: Aaron Sorrell

The neighborhood of McPherson Town is located just north of Downtown Dayton across the Great Miami River. As an historic district, over 90% of the 95 structures have been rehabbed since neighborhood renewal began in the 1970’s.

Some homes have experienced more than one renovation since that time. Most houses that had been converted to apartments have returned to single-family dwellings. The district, which today provides an unusually well-preserved variety of styles from the last half of the 19th century, fills a significant place in the progression of Dayton’s architectural history.

The neighborhood has become a vibrant center of urban living for its residents – whether they be young singles looking to live near the excitement of the inner city, empty-nesters seeking a change from suburban dwelling, or young families looking for a community where children can have safe and diverse experiences.

The neighborhood is highly accessible with the river bikeway nearby and only a short walk to the amenities of Downtown Dayton. The centralized location and high accessibility to amenities make McPherson Town one of Dayton’s most livable neighborhoods.

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Zip Code(s) 45405

Historic District(s) McPherson Town Historic District

House in McPherson, Dayton OH
One-story orange house in McPherson, Dayton OH
McPherson Town park

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